Sunday, 14 December 2008

Is IT Security, computer user's responsibility?

Simple answer is yes!!!. If every individual using IT infrastructure or any of the IT resources understands the basic deeds he needs to follow to keep is computer secure, then this will definitely prevent your machine from being a victim of malware.
The basic deeds include

* Always run your machine in user mode, use administrator mode only when you are installing any software or doing any administrative tasks.

* Keep your machines update with latest patches released from the different Operating Systems vendors.

* Keep your Antivirus software up to date with latest virus updates.

* Try to educate all your friends and family members about the basic security responsibilities.

There are lot of other things which you need to careful like using online banking and using strong passwords etc. If we list all those, it will be plethora of security jargon.

Following these actions doesn't make your machine 100 percent secure but it will definitely prevent lot of attacks and security risks from your computer.

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Fast Flux

Fast Flux service is a DNS technique used by malware Authors /Spammers to hide their domain source behind a set of compromised Zombie nodes. Zombie nodes are the infected machines which act according to the commands received from the centralized server (Botnet).
Fast Fluxing service is extensively used by todays spammers to spread malware and increase their Zombie army.
Storm Worm is one of the worm which extensively used this technique.
Detailed paper on how Fast Flux works can be found on honeynet project

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Is Penetration Testing heading towards Dead End?

According to this article few security experts feel that the penetration testing is fading towards gloom. The experts predict penetration testing to be dead by the end of year 2009. But they do say that its getting transformed into the area of production monitoring and measurement.