Thursday, 25 June 2009

Microsoft Free AntiVirus

Microsoft have started free AV(Antivirus) service. This service is available only to few countries in the world. At the moment China, Brazil, Israel and USA are the only countries where this service is available.
Looks like microsoft are trying to conquer AV market with their free software, we should wait and see the reaction of other AV vendors.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

PhD in 10 Days

On Saturday morning when i was checking my emails i saw that my gmail spam folder was filled with loads of message.
I took a peek into some of the messages which said "Bachelor/PhD..." in 10 days and it also claims that you need not go study or go to university blah blah, what's the use of getting such a degree ? Here's the snippet of the message
It's now possible to earn affordable Bache1or, Master or Doctorate Degrees!

No Studies
No Attendance
No Waiting
No Examinations
No Hefty Fee

Earn a recognized UniversityDegree based on work or life experience from University within 10 days!
Get your desired degree on the basis of your Prior Knowledge and Life Experience.

1-XXX-XXXX-740 [Inside USA]
+1-XXX-XXXX-740 [Outside USA]

No Experience? No Problem!

On the basis of what you already know, you can now qualify for a degree that is accepted and recognized worldwide for as little as couple hundred.


* You have more experience yet your colleague gets promoted?
* Many companies where you apply for a job don't give you a call as you lack the basic education they require?
* You struggle in relationships, as 'she' thinks you don't have a promising future?

It is now possible to earn an accredited degree on the basis of work and life experience you already have and receive your degree in just 10 days!

1-XXX-XXXX-740 [Inside USA]
+1-XXX-XXXX-740 [Outside USA]

Please tell us your:
a) your name
b) your Country
c) phone number with CountryCode if outside U.S.A.

We will get back to you in next working day
Google spam system was very smart to block them. You can easily spot typo's and quick Google search of the telephone numbers tells you that they are premium numbers used by scammers to make money , so don't get fooled in an ambition to get fake degree.

As i further went through my emails still there were local sexy singles waiting for me, canadian doctor wooing me to buy viagra....oops nastiness of spam ,so stay away from it, don't try to open anything in your bulk/spam folder(or run any attachments) unless you are sure its from legitimate source.